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Fixed car pictures #2: Toroidion tuning

When I saw the tail end of the Larte design Tesla Model S my first thought was that obviously some people are too stupid to grasp the idea of a powerful non-combustion-engined car, so even Tesla body kits have to have something resembling exhausts in the rear bumper…

The story even mentions they added sound effects “appropriate for a vehicle that delivers as much as 700 horsepower”. My quess is: “ngngngngngngngngngngng BLAM brumbrumbrumbrum neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bluf neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bluf bluf neeeeEEEEEEEEEEE!”

So, the Toroidion… The pictures of the car need minor adjustment to “better appreciate a vehicle that delivers as much as 1300 horsepower” (What the fuck’s wrong with kilowatt anyway?) Here it is, the Pallokorva design aftermarket body kit for the Toroidion 1MW complete with dual fog machines and appropriate sounds:

Toroidion 1MW tuning

Maybe now even the good people at Jalopnik can see that the car is supposed to be fucking powerful. =D

Fixed car pictures #1

One thing I have been wondering for years is the quality of car pictures (or the lack of…), especially the ones taken in shows. Either the photographers are distracted super easily, or they collectively have bad luck with some secret photo-bomber community.

Most pictures barely show half of the car and usually the car is the least prominently displayed item in the pic. I hear the Chinese are trying to fix the problem ( but that doesn’t counter the fact that thousands of older pictures (and new ones taken outside of China) are essentially broken.

So I wanted to help and started with a picture taken in Turku, Finland. I’m not sure what the photographer has been shooting, but (s)he’s managed to capture a lot of a pretty nice looking Tesla Model S:


Original picture from:

First week done.

I wrote the Finnish version on my mobile phone from a tent in our back yard. Shame the English translation won’t get that privilege. =P

A week is not a long time owning a car but it has managed to strengthen the feeling the car is super awesome. Especially now I got the summer tyres installed.

I got the tyres several days ago already, but it took some time to get them installed. It wasn’t because I didn’t have time to do that, I had plenty, but because the nuts wouldn’t fit. Why can’t the rim makers decide on one nut/bolt design per hole configuration, or better yet use same kind of bolts in all rims and cars. Darn.

Now we have four kinds of bolts and nuts. Two different sizes 17mm and 19mm bolts for the 407 and 19mm and 21mm nuts for the Leaf. Maybe I should get rid of the 21mm nuts and attach the winter tyres with the 19mm nuts as well as the cone shape on both is the same. At least then I could get rid of one impact tool size I have to carry around…

No that I got the winter tyres where they belong; in the basement waiting for the winter, the car is even quieter and the traction is way better. Now the car feels as peppy as the one we rented back in June. When the required range is not an issue I like to play around with the acceleration. At least a little. ^^

Also it seems the range is not an issue at least now, during the summer. On Friday we first took a trip to Tikkurila in Vantaa (27km*2) and after that I visited the local auto parts store some five km away and then took another trip to a larger auto parts store (Motonet) some 20 km away. After I got back home I still had 20km indicated range left, so I could have driven to Klaukkala and back two, maybe three times. Not bad.

Electric car, now!

Hmm. I joined the very exclusive club (here in Finland at least) of electric car owners. I bought an used Nissan Leaf. That was quite quick as not a week has passed since I first test drove an electric when I rented the Leaf. It’s a case of a car being too good.

The experience in itself was a bit involved but the car seemed to be without fault. I test drove it overnight so I could check it as good as possible and even quick charged it as a very first thing after it was handed over for test drive. I think they should start a coffee shop, a library or something at the Aviapolis Europcar. Or maybe they should erect the quick chargers somewhere there already is such services… But we did leaf some books where there were pictures of Finnish nature and chatted with the rental clerks.

It’s a bit funny how thoroughly I checked the car, and probably hadn’t done if it wasn’t such new technology. When we bought our 407 we test drove it for some half an hour, didn’t bother even asking the previous owner about the car and just absentmindedly checked the known problems with the model. With the Leaf I called the previous owner and asked about the car’s history, asked around for pointers and even took the car to the nearest Nissan dealer for battery analysis.

The guys at the Nissan dealer were super nice and the guy who drove the car inside the hall for analysis was laughing out loud as he had a blast creeping up on someone else in the hall with the car. =D

The car is awesome and seems to be near mint even though it’s done almost three years and 56000km as a taxi in Helsinki. The only thing that has a bit more used feel is the steering wheel. May be I have to do something about it. Maybe some leather care or smthng. During my evening ride I even found the eco-mode. Maybe I should test next how much range I can squeeze out of a full charge.

Some day pictures, maybe?