First week done.

I wrote the Finnish version on my mobile phone from a tent in our back yard. Shame the English translation won’t get that privilege. =P

A week is not a long time owning a car but it has managed to strengthen the feeling the car is super awesome. Especially now I got the summer tyres installed.

I got the tyres several days ago already, but it took some time to get them installed. It wasn’t because I didn’t have time to do that, I had plenty, but because the nuts wouldn’t fit. Why can’t the rim makers decide on one nut/bolt design per hole configuration, or better yet use same kind of bolts in all rims and cars. Darn.

Now we have four kinds of bolts and nuts. Two different sizes 17mm and 19mm bolts for the 407 and 19mm and 21mm nuts for the Leaf. Maybe I should get rid of the 21mm nuts and attach the winter tyres with the 19mm nuts as well as the cone shape on both is the same. At least then I could get rid of one impact tool size I have to carry around…

No that I got the winter tyres where they belong; in the basement waiting for the winter, the car is even quieter and the traction is way better. Now the car feels as peppy as the one we rented back in June. When the required range is not an issue I like to play around with the acceleration. At least a little. ^^

Also it seems the range is not an issue at least now, during the summer. On Friday we first took a trip to Tikkurila in Vantaa (27km*2) and after that I visited the local auto parts store some five km away and then took another trip to a larger auto parts store (Motonet) some 20 km away. After I got back home I still had 20km indicated range left, so I could have driven to Klaukkala and back two, maybe three times. Not bad.

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