ICEd already.

Today we had a bit more driving to do. Klaukkala->Pitäjänmäki->Klaukkala->Helsinki-Vantaa airport->Tikkurila->Klaukkala summed up somewhere a bit more than a 100km. After the airport we started thinking we’ll need a bit more juice to get home with confidence. We were headed to Tikkurila, so we decided the slow chargers at the Prisma supermarket were a natural choice.

I had read somewhere that the chargers are on something called P2. My intuition told me that a P2 should be somewhat further from everything than, say a P1. When we went round in the garage for two floors and I saw the P2 sign, I got a sinking feeling we ain’t gonna charge this time. And surprise, surprise:

Got ICEd.
Got ICEd.

A Z4 bimmer and a Ford Fiesta. Last time I checked, neither of them was available as ev and I doubt either of them was a conversion. Tytti went inside and asked around at the info for a battle plan, a security guy came and checked the license plates and they announced for the owners of the two cars. The owner of the Ford happened to arrive a moment later and he kindly moved the car away even though he was going back inside (Thanks!), but someone in some small French car or something was already eyeing the spot. Tytti went and told her that we kind of needed to ‘refuel’.

The owners of the BMW also entered their car and I tried to be witty and tell the guy I didn’t know they make Z4 ev’s. Finland is a nice country where even people who drive something Bavarian can have a civilized conversation with a poor sod like me and he was quite correct noting that parking an ICE car wasn’t exactly forbidden in any way. He also told me he can relate to the problem when I told him it’s a bit problematic when you really need some charge, but someone who doesn’t exactly need the spot is hogging it.

And that’s exactly the problem and not only in that particular place. The charging spots in Prisma Tikkurila are just slightly further than three steps away from the doors to the supermarket and there really isn’t any kind of restrictions on parking an ICE on the spots. In the Jumbo shopping mall, also in Vantaa, the charging spots are almost as close to the entrances, but at least they made an effort and installed signs that ask other than ev or hybrid drivers not park on the spots.

I think they both should do a field trip to the Kaari shopping mall in Helsinki, where the charging spots are a bit further away from the entrances, are in a 90 degree angle to the other parking spots and are at the end of an hallway. Kind of awkward in every possible way as well as highly visible. I think their parking garage has to be really stuffed before someone strays with their old-fashioned ICE car on any of those spots.

When we left back for home and I stared disconnecting the charger (3.02kWh used according to the outlet meter) I made a laconic remark how Skoda seems to have started building Octavia EV’s…

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