Fixed car pictures #2: Toroidion tuning

When I saw the tail end of the Larte design Tesla Model S my first thought was that obviously some people are too stupid to grasp the idea of a powerful non-combustion-engined car, so even Tesla body kits have to have something resembling exhausts in the rear bumper…

The story even mentions they added sound effects “appropriate for a vehicle that delivers as much as 700 horsepower”. My quess is: “ngngngngngngngngngngng BLAM brumbrumbrumbrum neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bluf neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bluf bluf neeeeEEEEEEEEEEE!”

So, the Toroidion… The pictures of the car need minor adjustment to “better appreciate a vehicle that delivers as much as 1300 horsepower” (What the fuck’s wrong with kilowatt anyway?) Here it is, the Pallokorva design aftermarket body kit for the Toroidion 1MW complete with dual fog machines and appropriate sounds:

Toroidion 1MW tuning

Maybe now even the good people at Jalopnik can see that the car is supposed to be fucking powerful. =D

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  1. Ended up making the same move and bought both Nissan Leaf SL and a Chevy Volt from the US while here (CA) on a work trip. Both cars will be in Finland by September, interesting to see how they work back home..

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